In order to manage a student, one must create a record for a student in the Engage application.

Creating a student

First, a user must be logged in to the Engage portal. Additionally, the logged in user must have administration authorization to create new student records.

  1. Click the Student link on the navigation menu
  2. If you are authorized to create students, you will see “You can add a student here” - click the link to access the maintenance view.
  3. The add form will contain fields for collecting details of a student
    1. The Global Id field is a required field - this field is a global identifier for the student, especially in another system. DO NOT USE THE STUDENT'S SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER!
    2. The First Name field is for the student's first name - this is not required
    3. The Last Name field is for the student's last name - this is not required
  4. Click Save to create the new student

Description Image
Image #1: Form for adding a student